Monday, August 6, 2012

out with the old

The final whole class reflection highlighted the different viewpoints we bring to the class.

In any class, we get to make a choice. Are we there to learn, or to learn about how to learn? Are we learning how to use specific technologies, or learning how we can go exploring for technologies, and ponder how we might use them?

I've noticed that nearly everything I've learned about technology is soon worthless. C'est la vie. The only thing that doesn't change is…change.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Pete,

    Interesting line of questioning, and I like where it's going!

    I think the fact that you've spent some time approaching teaching, technology, and teaching with technology, in this Socratic way, will keep you well-attuned to the dynamics of your future classroom and the needs of your students. Jeff mentioned that our choices as teachers is what will eventually shape the learning experiences of our students.

    I hope that you keep asking questions like these, and critically approaching your instructional methods.