Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When programmers write poetry

Kristin indicated aviary.com may not be serving educators for much longer (I see aviary education.com is no longer accepting registrations), I decided to try podcast hosting elsewhere. Evidently, it was once possible to host podcasts on Blogger, but that seems to have been discontinued.

Dropbox works. On my very much under construction teacher blog which uses WordPress, I just added a link to my podcast hosted on Dropbox, and it just worked. I use the same method (an HTML anchor) for Blogger:

What if Dr. Seuss wrote technical manuals?

BTW, here's how I created my podcast. I recorded an audio track using QuickTime Pro. I grabbed some music from ccMixter, a Creative Commons-friendly site. I installed the free Audacity app, and used it to fade in/fade out the music track from ccMixter. Then I just pasted it the music and my voice recording together in QuickTime Pro, exported to MP3 format, and dropped the MP3 into Dropbox.


  1. Profoundly useful. Thank you, Pete. Also, thank you for the Dr. Seuss. It brightened my day.

  2. Thank you for this information, Pete. I really appreciate the contribution. You seem to have this whole teaching with tech thing down pretty well. Have you been using dropbox for a long time, or is this something you've decided to start using since having that class info presented? Do you think you'll share your dropbox stuff with your future students? Would this require for them to also get a dropbox account? Sorry for the 20 questions. The technology inquisition is who I work for.